The Shark Cage Mural Kits

The Shark Cage Mural KitAn example of a Shark Cage Mural created in the final week of a Shark Cage Group Program

All the elements of the Shark Cage metaphor (Step 1 in the Shark Cage Framework) can be seen in the photo.

The Shark Cage Mural Kits are designed to be used together with the Shark Cage Group Program Manual (Benstead, 2017).  They contain all the materials to complete the activities detailed in the manual in a group setting or in individual work.

You can purchase a kit which below contains the following:

  • 12 x fish shapes, 24 x Shark Cage Bars, 12 x Treasure Chest shapes, 4 x Shark shapes, 4 x Dolphin shapes

There are enough materials to run two groups of six participants or one group of twelve participants.

There are also enough material to work through the sessions in the Shark Cage manual with 6 individual women and create six complete individual murals.  A new piece of the mural is created each week and the complete mural is assembled once all the activities detailed in the manual are completed. 

The power of the Shark Cage Mural should not be underestimated. It is visually impressive, measuring up to three metres wide and one and a half metres high. The Shark Cage Mural is an experiential and visual representation of the metaphor and all the work the women have done in group or individual sessions in moving forward in their journey towards consolidating a strong sense of human rights.


Evaluation data from some past clients who have created murals in group or individual settings:

“It suddenly made sense and was beautiful.”

“I loved the mural and wrap-up session – seeing all of our work visually represented.”

“A very positive and fun way to wrap up a very important program.”

“The process of creating the mural was a defining moment. The symbolic gesture of placing all the items we collaborated on was powerful, affirming and a recognition of all the hard work we have put in over the eight weeks.”