About The Shark Cage

The Shark Cage Framework was created by Ursula.  It is a trauma informed five step program of interventions designed to heal and empower women who have experienced repeated abuse such as family violence or sexual assault.  It is based on a metaphor which forms the first step in the framework.  The metaphor relates to women having a high risk of male violence due to social practices that have not given girls and women the same rights as men.  A consequence of this gender inequity is that some men abuse their power and violate the rights of women.  It draws on a human rights approach in assisting girls and women to develop or regain a sense of their rights.  It can be used by helping professionals in individual or group settings.

Practical tools are used to help girls and women to understand:

  • They are not to blame
  • What their rights are
  • When these rights are being threatened
  • How to defend these rights when it is safe to do so
  • How to recognise Shark-like behaviours from a distance
  • The difference between heathy and unhealthy relationships
The framework uses story telling and hands on activities using resources from the Shark Cage Mural Kit to create strong kinetic and visual learning that reinforces the evidence based psychoeducation threaded throughout he five steps in the framework.  At the completion of the Shark Cage Mural Kit activities that are detailed in The Shark Cage Group Program Manual, individual clients, or participants in a group program create a large mural.  An example of a mural created by a Shark Cage Group is given below:The Shark Cage Mural Kit