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Research indicates that legal professionals  interacting with distressed clients who have experienced trauma are more susceptible to symptoms of vicarious traumatisation than mental health professionals or social workers (Levin & Greisberg, 2003).

This is thought to be because they are less informed about the impacts of trauma and the impacts of working with traumatised clients. It is also thought that higher case loads and the absence of suitable forums to address the impacts of the work contribute to this increased vulnerability (Levin & Greisberg, 2003).  The training package Trauma and Vicarious Traumatisation: What Legal Professionals Need to Know has helped hundreds of legal staff to feel more confident in managing challenging client presentations. It has also helped them to develop an understanding of the impacts of working with traumatised clients and to develop strategies to increase their resilience and take care of themselves in the work.



4 CPD points in professional skills apply.

  1. Understand how trauma can impact on client presentation.
  2. Identifying strategies for managing difficult client presentations.
  3. Understand how exposure to client trauma can impact on workers.
  4. Identify signs of Vicarious Traumatisation (VT) and understand how it relates to but is different from stress.
  5. Learn general principles for building resilience and managing VT.
  6. Develop a personalised Resilience Plan.

Workshop Outline:

TRAUMA & IMPACTS                    09.30 – 12.00

• Defining trauma

• Common mental health impacts of trauma

• How impacts play out in your work with clients

• Key strategies for managing difficult client presentations

• Understanding revictimisation: The Shark Cage®

LUNCH                         12.00 – 12.30


• Defining the impacts of working with traumatised clients

• Why does the legal sector need to understand VT?

• General principles for managing VT

• Designing your own Resilience Plan

Legal Sector Training

Inhouse training:  For the standard training the cost is $195.00 per participant plus GST.  A minimum of cost of 20 participants applies.  Email for a tailored quote for inhouse training for your service.  Please include the address of where you would like the training to be held so we can accurately estimate any travel costs that might apply.