How to Spot a Shark

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A self-help book for women
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Five Steps to Healing from Abusive Relationships.

Hot of the press! Self-help book for women who have had experiences of abuse in their life. Ursula uses Casey's story to explain her powerful 5 Step Shark Cage Framework, which has helped thousands of women to build a better life for themselves. Casey feels trapped in her relationship with controlling and abusive partner. Desperate for help to sort through her conflicting feelings, she finds herself talking to a counsellor.

As she unpacks her life story, Casey feels despair and shame about the many times she has been a target of abuse by men who were meant to love and protect her:
‘Is there something wrong with me? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says ‘come and abuse me’?’

HOW TO SPOT A SHARK answers these heartfelt questions, and helps you to understand past and present experiences of abuse in a way that is empowering and hopeful.
Join Casey on her journey away from control and abuse towards a stronger sense of self, firmly grounded in her right to safe and respectful relationships.


*Why you can never be to blame for someone’s abusive behaviour

*What your human rights are in relationships, and how these rights may have been violated in the past

*How to know when your rights and boundaries are being threatened

*How to defend your rights and boundaries when it is safe to do so

*How to recognise Shark-like behaviours before a Shark becomes a part of your life

*How to recognise respectful and supportive Dolphin like behaviours

*How to tell the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship

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