Ashley, 28

“This program has truly been life changing. I now feel able to get on with my life and am more empowered and insightful about sharks and how to deal with them.”

Daphne, 42

“I know now how to recognise the signs of a shark and know I don’t have to stay by their side. I know to break free and stay away, not be fooled and to recognise their tricks”

Sue, 21

“I have learnt ways to be assertive and what is being passive or aggressive. I know now how to be more assertive and how to continually practise it.”

Barb, 49

“I am listening to my instincts and body messages and trusting these messages. It is helping me to be more assertive and less doubting. I am building a better mind–body connection.”

Jill, 56

“My counsellor introduced me to your (Framework) after I asked the question “Why have all my relationships been with violent and controlling partners?” After reading (about the Shark cage) I had a powerful moment of clarity and for the first time in my life I...